The management of Fouress Comercio E Industria LDA have defined and documented the following commitment with respect to quality. Every staff member has the responsibility to ensure that the intentions of this policy statement are understood, applied and maintained within their own activity area.

Fouress Comercio E Industria LDA  have made a commitment:

  • To foster good relationships with clients by effective communications with clients and encouraging feedback.
  • To continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.
  • To document and measure quality objectives and targets through internal audit and management review.
  • Emphasize appropriate training for all employees that every employee constantly aims to improve the overall quality of Company products and services.
  • Foster a team approach to defect prevention and problem solving.
  • Emphasize appropriate training for all employees.
  • Recognize each employee's responsibility for quality.
  • Acknowledge employee's self-improvements and contributions to the company.
  • Maintain the Quality Department as a partner with Purchasing.
  • Exchange expertise with suppliers.
  • Use only Selected, Approved, Preferred or Certified suppliers.
  • Receive raw materials and outside processed parts only when accompanied by appropriate certifications and inspection documentation.
  • Accept only conforming products and services from suppliers.
  • Elicit written corrective actions from suppliers.
  • Keep the Quality Department independent of, but a partner with, Manufacturing.
  • Reduce waste and inefficiency wherever found.
  • Seek out technologies for assuring error-free work.
  • Continue to implement statistical approaches to reduce variation.
  • Draw on customer's expertise in various areas.
  • Strive for complete understanding of our customers' application requirements.
  • Provide customers with written corrective actions.
  • Earn customer recognition of our quality progress.
  • Develop and achieve Quality Improvement Goals.
  • Practice good housekeeping.
  • Never compromise safety.

By adopting this philosophy, the clients of Fouress will be assured of an excellent standard of completed projects and services in accordance with specifications and contracts.

Management has the ultimate responsibility to maintain the quality policy and shall promote all initiatives to attain and improve quality to:

  • Give all personnel adequate information and training to enable all tasks to be undertaken with a consistent standard of quality.
  • Ensure that excellent relations between the Company and employees are maintained.

We have adopted attitudes towards continuous improvement that will ensure dependable customer service well into the future. Employee participation and honest communication, combined with a clearly defined understanding of our customers’ needs, are the tools that assure success for our process.

It is the policy of Fouress Comercio E Industria LDA (FOURESS) to provide healthy and safe working conditions and to continuously use safe and pollution-free operating practices that comply with National and International Regulations and relevant Standards and Guidelines.

The FOURESS Safety Management System (SMS) Manual describes the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System responsibilities of FOURESS and the control features necessary for achieving FOURESS’ HSE Objectives for the Safe Operations of Ships and for Pollution Prevention. Its contents comply with the requirements of the International Safety Management Code (ISM).

FOURESS HSE Objectives:

  • To provide for safe practices in operation and provide a safe working environment.
  • To establish safeguards against all identified risks.
  • To continuously improve the safety management skills of personnel including preparing for emergencies related to health and safety and environmental protection.

FOURESS HSE Objectives are achieved by:

  • Maintaining high standards of safety awareness, personal discipline and individual accountability by adherence to a comprehensive and documented system of training.
  • Actively promoting employee participation in measures aimed at improving safety and protecting the environment.
  • Keeping all personnel fully informed of any known or potential hazards that may affect them, their colleagues, the ship or the environment by transmittal of pertinent documentation.
  • Ensuring adherence at all times to documented operating procedures by a system of internal verification and auditing of the procedures.
  • Continuously reviewing all statutory rules, regulations, industry codes and guidelines that are relevant to specific vessel types and trades.

Management and all staff are expected to comply with HSE procedures as embodied in the Company’s SMS Manual at all times. Every FOURESS employee shall take the necessary precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues, the clients and the environment.