Water Heaters

Nothing compares to a nice and warm bath to start a beautiful morning. At Fouress, we have a passion for offering more efficient electric water heating appliances to homes. Fouress pride themselves on developing original as well as advanced hot water systems to help bring your running expenses down. Our water heaters/geysers are compact in design to be installed closely to the point of use and deliver hot water quickly at the same time as helping save energy and water. Rejuvenate yourself and begin your day with the range of water heaters/geysers that come with PentaShield technology. We promise you not only high safety and protection but also a combination of aesthetics and utility. The availability of our water heaters/geysers in different colors meet your home decor while staying in budget and are undoubtedly an essential aspect of a modern home. So, if you're not happy with your current water heater, or are looking to install one in your new home, Fouress has a complete range of storage water heaters, instant water heaters and instant gas water heaters to help you make one very good choice according to your requirements