Long steel products

These are final products that are sold in various standardised lengths and would include all types of flat-, round- and square bars, structural sections, profiles for fencing and windows, and reinforcing bar. 


Rails for use in mines are supplied as per specification. Mines and sidings rails in 15 kg/m, 22 kg/m and 30 kg/m sizes.

Rounds & Squares

Round bars can be defined as material with diameters ranging from a nominal 5.5 mm up to 105 mm, for applications such as general engineering and rods for grinding mills. 

Reinforcing bar/Y Bar

The reinforcing bar is produced for the reinforcement of concrete. Two types are produced: the mild steel plain bar and the deformed high strength bar.  The bar is thermo mechanically treated (TMT) to achieve the required mechanical properties.

Wire Rod

Wire rod is defined as material in coils with nominal diameters ranging from 5.5 mm up to 14.5 mm at 0.5 mm intervals.

Heavy structural steel

These are products that are typically used in the construction industry. Products in this range vary from Universal beams, Universal columns, Parallel flange channels, Universal Joists, Rails & Equal angles.

Hexagon bar

A hexagon bar is a bar with six straight sides and angles. It is used in the mining, specialized bolt and nut, machinery, chemical, shipping and architectural industry.

Hollow bar

A hollow bar is either a hexagon or a round bar with a hole in the center of the bar. It is used primarily in the mining industry as a hollow drill bit.

Fencing profiles

The following fencing profiles are with us:

  • “Y”-profile standard fencing post (2kg/m) bundled - 10 profiles per bundle
  • “Y”-profile game fencing post (2.3kg/m) bundled - 10 profiles per bundle
  • Securilec® YP (2.1kg/m) bundled - 10 profiles per bundle
  • “I”-profile fencing post (3kg/m) bundled - 10 profiles per bundle
  • Afri-Post® (1.8kg/m) bundled - 10 profiles per bundle
  • Ridgeback Droppers (0.58kg/m) bundled - 50 droppers per bundle
  • Newcastle Droppers (0.62kg/m) bundled - 50 droppers per bundle