ZIMBA ONDULADA sheets  have been around for a very long time and are a very strong and secure roofing and cladding material. 


Profile                : 11/3" Corrugation

Overall Width    : 875 mm

Cover Width      : 762 mm

No. of Toughs   : 10 1/2

Pitch                 : 76.2 mm

Depth               : 18 mm


ZIMBA ONDULADA roof sheets are available in a wide range of materials displaying various structural properties. It should be noted that the load span characteristics are only to be used as a broad guideline as purlin spacing is also dependant on other factors such as the prevailing winds in a certain area, the presence of dust and other particles in industrial areas, the type of structure that is being erected etc. We therefore recommend that an engineer is consulted to determine the purlin spacing for a specific application.

Zimba Corrugated sheets are populary used for low cost housing and other applications