Eye & Face Protection

Safety goggles protect the eyes, eye sockets, and the facial area immediately surrounding the eyes from a variety of chemical hazards. Goggles form a protective seal around the eyes, preventing objects or liquids from entering under or around the goggles. This is especially important when working with or around liquids that may splash, spray, or mist.

Safety goggles may incorporate prescription lenses mounted behind protective lenses for individuals requiring vision correction. Take time to consider specific lens, frame, and ventilation options when selecting safety goggles.

Heat-reflective and wire-screen face shields are intended to shield the entire face from a range of heat hazards. Specific hazards associated with heat include high temperatures, splash from molten metal, and hot sparks. Face shields are considered secondary protectors to be used in addition to primary protection such as safety spectacles or goggles.

Face shield windows are made with different transparent materials and in varying degrees or levels of thickness. The thickness of the face shield window should be matched to the task. Window and headgear devices come in various styles in order to enable the worker to select the appropriate equipment.

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