Personal Fall Protection

When workers are exposed to fall hazards while working at elevations of more than five feet, or over water, fall protection is required. Typically, guardrails or other barriers are used to protect workers. In situations where guardrails are not practical, or when working from two-point suspended scaffolding, personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) (such as safety harnesses, lifelines, lanyards) are required. In some situations, positioning device systems such as restraint (tether) lines or aerial lifts are used to provide protection from falling off an unguarded edge. Personal fall protection systems must: 

  • Prevent a worker from falling (positioning device systems), or
  • Arrest the fall of workers without causing injuries.
  • Prevent workers from striking or falling to a lower level (PFAS).

Worker trauma from falls from elevated work surfaces can be minimized by the proper selection and use of personal fall protection systems.

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