Flame Retardant Workwear

We are experts when it comes to protective workwear for hazardous environments, and we have set the standard for flame retardant workwear. This has made Fouress the industry’s preferred supplier of flame retardant workwear, and we are very proud to be trusted.

Essential wear for welders and industrial workers who deal with heat / flame and other metal workers where hot sparks are an issue, for example when using angle grinders.



Flame retardant workwear usually consists of two types. First is chemically treated cotton (often called probanised cotton, but it goes by various brand names) and you may hear people refer to these as a Proban Boilersuit etc. The...

The second type of flame retardant workwear is 'inherently' fire retardant. This is a special type of fabric (Protex and Nomex are brand names) that remains flame retardant for the life of the garment regardless of the laundering. These garments are more expensive and are usually preferred by industries that aren't quite so hard on their workwear.

The most popular items in our FR range are flame retardant coveralls (also known as overalls or boilersuits) and this is because of the full body protection afforded - there are no gaps for sparks and molten splash to get through. Flame retardant boilersuits usually have other special features like studded cuffs and neck (to prevent ingress of sparks) and covered zips (the metal in the zip can otherwise get hot).




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