General Supply to Oil & Gas Industry

Fouress carries many lines of general supplies including: office supplies, lubricants, chain, catline, packing, hand cleaner, spark plugs, belts, Hand tools, Rope, Soap, Dope, Tapes, etc...

 You Just Name it, We get it.

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Office Supplies

We have all the essential office equipment for business, school or the home office. A4 Paper , Assemble stellar presentations with view binders, dry erase boards and attractive folders to impress clients. Keep your desk stocked with pens, paper clips and rubber bands, then organize it with hanging folders, drawer organizers and file sorters. Envelopes, mailers, tape and address labels keep the mailroom in order while you scratch school supplies like notebooks, scissors and glue off your list.


Engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and other lubricant solutions for oil drilling and natural gas operations can help equipment combat an array of challenges, including wear, heat, heavy loads, contamination from water and dirt, oil leakage, foam, sludge and rust. Grease point problems, such as pound-out and wash-out, pose additional difficulties. If left untreated, these challenges can lead to increased downtime, decreased production, shortened engine oil lubricant and equipment life, and expensive parts replacement. Fouress offers an array of lubricant reliability solutions for oil and gas field operations, including high-performance lubricants for drilling equipment.

Cleaning Products

Oil field equipment such as 'work-over rigs', coiled tubing units, wire-line units, pumping units and even hand tools become fouled with use.  All this industrial equipment must be cleaned periodically for proper operation, to avoid maintenance issues, to perform maintenance when required; and, in some cases, for aesthetic purposes. Depending on the equipment to be cleaned and the condition of the deposits, we offers two products for cleaning and degreasing:  Oil Field Rig & Equipment Cleaner and Heavy Duty Degreaser. 

Hand Tools & Power Tools

We supply wide array of Hand Tool and Power Tools of top brands at great prices to cater for all budgets. Choose from leading brands BETA, Knipex, Ridgid, Stanley, Irwin, Eclipse, Gedore, Kennedy etc. Whether it is tools for metal cutting or tools for gear cutting, grinding solutions or precision tool holding.