Electrical Safety Solutions

Shock and electrocution have long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard. In recent years arc flash has also become recognized as a serious workplace hazard. We offer a broad range of electrical safety solutions including the industry’s most comprehensive suite of arc-flash-related products.

A Six-step process, a sixth step assists the  fine tuning the electrical power system, both for safety and operability

Step 1: Develop, Implement and Audit an Electrical Safety Program

Step 2: Conduct an Electrical Distribution System Study to Determine Potential Arc Flash Energy Levels and Apply Associated Equipment Labeling.

Step 3: Conduct Regularly-Scheduled Safety Training and Audits for All Electrical Workers

Step 4: Ensure Adequate Supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Proper Tools

Step 5: Maintain All Electrical Distribution System Components

Step 6: Follow Strategies to Mitigate and Control Arc Flash Hazards

Dielectric E boot

DIELECTRIC E Boots (safety toe cap) Features: Electrically insulated boots that protect workers from risks of pace voltage when there is a line-to-ground voltage fault during an intervention on alternative current 1000V nominal voltage power supply network Made of dielectric rubber Individually tested EN 50321 class 0, Individually tested at 10 000V EN ISO 20345 SBE HRO SRC Basic requirements (SB) Heel energy absorption (E) Contact heat resistance (HRO) EN 13287 Sole slip resistance (SRC) : - Ceramic floor and steel floor.

Dielectric Footwear

Features: 100% waterproof, 2 Buckles, made from premium grade ozone resistant rubber. Fabric lining for easy donning and doffing 100% tested to 20KV The sole has a durable construction with non-skid bar tread out-sole

Dielectric Footwear

Features: 100% waterproof made from ozone-resistant rubber. Fabric lining allows for easy removal. Out-sole has nonskid bar treads. Overshoe boots are full cut and have an attached nonmetallic buckle.

ARC Flash Head & Face Protection

Features: Has an ATPV rating of 10 cal cm2 Lens provides a 7.5 inch x 20inch viewing once with an extra light With cotton canvas storage bag AS1000 HAT Standard: ASTM F2178 specification.

ARC Flash Face Shield

Features: 10 cal cm2 ATPV rating when used with the included chin cup 8 cal cm2 without the chin cup 7.5 inch x 20 inch viewing area Extra light tint 0.06 thick Absorbs 99.9% of harmful UV radiation Resistant to fogging AS1000 Series Standard: ASTM F2178 specification.

ARC Flash Kit

Features: ARC flash coat Bib Overalls Pro Hood Hard Hat Safety Glasses SK Bag Solutions available for 8-100 cal/cm2

Switching Board Matting

Made from high quality rubber 1/4 thick and tested to 20kV Corrugated surface acts as a safety tread while reducing the possibility of metal particles becoming embedded. Class 2 maximum use voltage 17,000VAC. 25 yard rolls

Static Discharge Stick

Features: Design to safely remove the static charge after deenergizing include a Brass Alloy U hook

Insulated Rescue Hook

Features: Used to withdraw an injured worker out of a hazardous area Featuring a foam filled, fiber glass reinforced handle for superior electrical insulation Coated heat treated body hook with an 18” opening Standard length of 6 & 8 hectares

Carrying Bag

Features: Heavy duty canvas duck Double stitched at stress points for extra durability Snap hook for hanging on work belts Tapered gussets with wide opening tops for easy insertion

Voltage Detector Kit

Features: Self testing voltage detectoruse to verify live or de-energized conductor Tester indicate the percentage of voltage with an extra bright LED light and a distinctive audible signal Tester 240V to 230KV