Welding Safety Solutions

Welding is the most common method of joining metals in industry today. When welded, two pieces of similar metals are fused together by the use of heat, pressure or both. General hazards of welding include impact, penetration, harmful dust, smoke, fumes, heat and light radiation. Before any welding is conducted outside of a designated welding area, a responsible individual must inspect the area and identify precautions to be taken preferably on a written Hot Works permit.


Welding helmets are a critical component of a welder’s PPE. We offers the widest range of welding helmets, including auto-darkening and passive options, with features like X-Mode™, InfoTrack™ and premium headgear. Choose from a wide selection designed to work in many welding applications, with a variety of graphics.

Safety Glasses

Rubber Temples and Nose Piece
Provide extreme comfort and security.
Enhanced Comfort and Styling
Promote usage and compliance.
Full-Frame Design
Optimizes protection.


Allows users to weld in spaces where access with traditional welding helmets is limited. Weld-Mask easily fits under hard hats without the need for adapters. Eye covering fits tightly to the face to block out light for precision welding in bright surroundings. Face shield and head cover provide coverage for UV/IR rays and applications with limited spatter. Lightweight, close-fitting design virtually eliminates neck strain. Weld-Mask features shades 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 for use with gas welding & cutting, MIG, TIG, and stick.


Welding safety is an important part of getting any job done – whether you’re welding in your home garage or in a manufacturing facility. We offers a wide selection of welding safety gear to ensure the safety of you and the welders working around you, including personal protective equipment (PPE), fume extractors, respirators and heat stress equipment.


Our protective clothing for multiple welding applications. Available in leather, WeldX™, cloth, and combination materials in a variety of sizes. Our clothes has been designed to give the welder maximum protection. The garment is made from a highly durable and flame resistant material. The coverall features an elasticated waist for better comfort and fit, adjustable sleeves and legs and a covered/protected zipper. The neck is protected by the stand up collar and knee pads can be fitted.

Fume Extraction

Fume extraction systems are included in the Hierarchy of Controls for managing fume, and are designed to keep your employees safe and comfortable. Our complete line of FILTAIR® fume extractors are designed specifically for welding, drawing weld fumes away from the user’s breathing zone and keeping your facility clean. We offer many fume extractors to best fit your environment and fume control needs.


Respirator masks filter weld fumes and particles from the air and increase operator comfort and safety. Our welding respirators are designed to fit under the welding helmet or integrate airflow into the helmet system for maximum comfort and portability. Choose from disposable respirators, half mask respirators or disposable respirators.

Heat Stress

Reduces temperatures under the hood up to 17 degrees. Constant airflow across lens and safety glasses significantly reduces fogging. Allow operator to adjust airflow for conditions. Adjustable air deflector provides operator the ability to adjust direction of airflow. Lithium ion rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of run time.