Industrialisation leads to economic growth. And we are proud to be a part of it

"Today, 17 years from inception, the Fouress Group has become a name that stands for undisputed trust, impeccable quality and a company that aids the economic growth of the nation by bringing global commodities at affordable prices to Angola. We manufacture Tile profiled metallic roofing sheets, IBR profiled metallic roofing sheets, Corrugated roofing sheets and other variants, all made at our state of the art factory, located in the port city of Namibe. The company offers a myriad of products and services right from Construction materials, Consumer goods, Household items, Electrical and Engineering items and IT Products and Services."

Welcome to Fouress Group

welcome to fouress

We would like to introduce ourselves as a reliable provider of construction materials and IT products at your doorstep. We are serving Angolan market for more than 15 years. Our state of art facilities have recently been installed in Namibe and with our warehouses in Luanda and Namibe we are able to stock and serve the customers in Luanda and Namibe and the nearby areas


We are Exclusive Agents for many leading Brands like Igloo (USA), Roser, UB Emirates LLC, Cosmoplast, Al Khaleej Ceramics, Berger Paints , Intex (Dubai), etc from the Middle East and South Asia. The products we import ranging from Building materials, Computer parts, Consumer good / household items, electrical and engineering items, food and beverages.

Roof sheet Manufacturing factory Construction & Electrical Materials IT products and Services Iceboxes & other FMCG's Supplies to Oil Industry Supply to NGO's

Iceboxes & other FMCG's

Supplies to Oil Industry

We are a well-resourced and full-service oilfield supply company serving the regional Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects and Industry.The company has associations with renowned manufacturers, major mills and suppliers across Europe, USA, Far East and the Sub-Continent.Our clients include major Oil and Gas Companies, Projects, Refineries and Contractors in the Middle East and Africa