We are the Angolaís leading importer of wall and floor tiles, operating in both the residential and commercial markets. We offer a wide range of porcelain, Ceramic, glass and mosaic tiles so whatever the type of tile youíre looking for youíll find it with our tiles division. We have an extremely wide range of products in Porcellanato, the high-quality tiles with less than 0.5 % water absorption that is suitable for any ambience. Thousands of tile models in Glazed and Polished porcelain are produced in various finishes backed by advanced technologies such as MDR, Double-Charge, Double-Charge with Soluble Salt, Dry Glaze, Twin Press and latest Digital Printing Technology. Finishes such as Rustic, Antique, Modern, Cotto, Stone, Brick and Marble are some of the wide range of effects on offer
 Glazed Porcelain Tiles
Glazed Porcelain tiles are a lot more resistant to water absorption than ceramic tiles. The glazing also bonds strongly with the tile body, resulting in an extremely hardy and durable tile surface. With such hard-wearing properties, the glazed porcelain tile is an extremely popular choice.Our vast range of colourways, surface structures and profiles give you the freedom to explore all manner of design styles and applications, from clean modern and classic looks to natural and rustic environments. But it doesnít end there. Consider complementing your choice of tile with mosaic accents, borders details and attractive rossone features. A number of products masquerade as porcelain tiles. Some tiles may be manufactured from porcelain clay, but rely more on preparation and firing to resist water absorption. For your peace of mind, check with your salesperson on the water absorption percentage of the actual clay body
 Polished porcelain tiles
Polished porcelain tiles are all the rage right now and why not? Their smooth shiny surface and minimal grout lines present a look that no other tile can match. Minimalist, sophisticated and sensuous.This unique unglazed porcelain tile gets itís sheen via a painstaking polishing process. The porcelain surface is honed so smooth that it almost appears to be coated - but itís not. What you see remains raw porcelain and it needs proper care to keep its good looks
 Glazed Ceramic Tiles
Glaze is the layer found on the face of the tile by firing an applied coating. This has three effects. First, it creates an impermeable surface. Second, it protects the tile for considerably longer wear. And third, it adds an attractive, reflective sheen to the base colour of the tile.Glazed ceramic tiles are suitable for many interior designs, from classic and modern to natural and rustic. Durability can vary, depending on the resistance to abrasion. With proper maintenance and treatment, you should enjoy a good 10 years of a beautifully finished surface. So the ultimate value of glazed ceramic tiles from CTM is that you enjoy a great product that saves you even more in the long run
 Unglazed Ceramic tiles
Unglazed Ceramic tiles are exceptionally strong and durable. The extrusion process applies highly compacted pressure to the make-up of the tile body, while a higher firing temperature contributes to creating a rock-solid tile.The look is Ďearthyí, imitating natural stone. In fact, heavy-duty tiles can be confidently used for both interior and exterior areas. Ask your salesperson about the non-slip tile, particularly if youíre considering outside use. And donít worry about covering or protecting the surface
To maintain the superior quality of Tiles, the materials are sourced and imported from renowned manufacturers and suppliers