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The wide range of products that we offers to its consumers is available through the high-end Colourworld showrooms. The Colourworld showrooms also offer a wide range of product information and colour matching service through unique tools and softwares.Besides, We are also have one of the most recognized brands in the Protective and Wood Coatings businesses. These segments require not only a separate and specialized product range, but also a technical service expertise - both of which being areas where Berger Paints can be proud of its capabilities.We have always placed Innovation, Quality of product & service & providing a vast product range at the top of its priorities which has made it a single source solution for all painting needs.
Berger’s wide range of protective coatings is suitable even for the most complex surfaces and environments. Whether petrochemical or gas plants, oil rigs or offshore platforms, airport hangars or shipping terminals, Berger products are used extensively for protecting and enhancing the durability of these assets. The obvious superiority of protective coatings from Berger make them the preferred choice of project consultants, engineering contractors and customers across the world.
Accreditation institutions like Taywood Engineering, Australia, Lloyd’s Register, London, world-renowned project consultants and engineering contractors like Bechtel, Snamprogetti and Toyo have all certified and approved Berger products, and have used them across diverse industrial segments and markets.Similarly, giants in the petrochemical industry like Shell, BP and Caltex, power and transmission providers like China Light in Hong Kong and Beilun Power in China have also expressed immense satisfaction with Berger products.
Berger has been constantly working towards fulfilling your every need. No matter how different, how niche, or how difficult a task it is. For Berger believes that every customer is different and important. Berger’s product portfolio boasts of a wide range of paints and coatings. An impressive range of products that has evolved from over two centuries of decorating and protecting structures.Ranging from the oldest iron bridge in Shropshire, UK, to modern petrochemical plants and skyscrapers the world over.
There’s a Berger product for every conceivable finishing need. There are topcoats, undercoats and ancillaries to provide complete painting solutions to you. Paints for interiors and exteriors. Water based and alkyd based products. For various substrates like cement, wood and metal. And most importantly, products for every pocket!Berger offers a variety of emulsions and enamels in various sheen levels. Some of the well-known products in this category are Everglow, 303 and 404 in the Caribbean, and Weathercoat in the Middle East and Singapore. These have, over time, become popular brand names by themselves.Over the years, Berger has identified specific needs of niche customers in different markets. This has led to the introduction of products like grass paint, body paint tennis court paint (all in the Caribbean), road marking paint in Singapore, and texture finishes in Bahrain.Berger also has innovative products like the Weatherflex Elastomeric paint (that stretches to cover minor cracks in the wall) in the Middle East and exterior finishes like Stone Shield in Bahrain.No two countries are alike. Cultural differences and weather variations are aplenty between regions. Hence, Berger has different formulations custom-made to suit the conditions in each country. In the Caribbean, for instance, our premium quality emulsion ‘303’ and premium quality enamel ‘404’ have been specially formulated to withstand the harsh tropical climate there. Similarly, products in Singapore are modified to match up to the requirements of the local government specifications viz, Singapore Standard (SS).
Berger has in its portfolio, a range of marine coatings, which are suitable for various types of vessels and crafts such as cargo carriers, crude oil tankers, yachts, ferries, barges and tugboats.
To keep abreast of the latest technologies as well as increase its presence in the global marine business, many subsidiaries of Berger International have become members of Transocean Coatings. Transocean is the world's largest association for marine coatings with representation in 45 countries and service points in the major ports of the world.
This partnership has helped Berger augment its marine range of products and become a part of the Transocean Coatings network across continents. So whether a product is supplied in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australia, you can be assured of the same fine quality.